Raju, Guest-house manager.
The scion of ghats, who is nowadays a guest-house manager. He uses his numerous contacts, relationships and knowledge of the lay of the land to help set up its project.
He’s the President of Zindagi Association India.

in process

Our franco-indian team


Emiline travelled in India in 2009, and fell completely in love with this amazing country and its people. Her energy, her generosity, her knowledge of the country, and her desire to change things, were the driving forces that gave birth to Zindagi.
President of the association in France, she heads the progess of our project in Varanasi.


Owner Monalisa Restaurant 

Since ever, he help others so he simply joins us when we start building the organization. Apart from his skills, he is the treasurer of 

Zindagi Association India. 


School teacher, Aurélie’s turn to fall in love with India was during her 2009 trip. She brings to us her great educational skills. With her expertise, we can pinpoint the needs of the children, and the type of teaching abilities and educational tools they require.
Founding member, she was the treasurer of the association from 2010 to 2015.


Epidemiologist and Statistician. Currently working with Doctors Without Borders. 
Bitten by the Indian bug in 2004 on her first visit, Jihane really fell in love with the country during her second trip, in 2010. She has brought both her knowledge of the region and her expertise in project management, and put them at the service of Zindagi Association. 
She’s our secretary in France.